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Line dedicated to the catering is characterized by the practicality of its packaging. In fact, it allows you to transport the product safely thanks to the vacuum bag inserted into the bucket at increased content protection.
Appetizer with mushrooms 4 Kg.
Mushrooms, olives and artichokes seasoned with herbs and preserved in sunflower oil.
Slices mushrooms 4 Kg.
Delicate mushrooms thinly siliced and seasoned with pepper, vinegar, capers, herbs and salt. Great side dish for meat.
Moss mushrooms in oil 4 Kg.
Selected moss mushrooms in sunflower oil, seasoned with peppers, vinegar, herbs and salt.
Plerotus mushrooms in oil 4 Kg.
Plerotus mushrooms in sunflower oil, seasoned with vinegar, hers and salt. Excellent to prepare tasty appetizers.
Prataioli mushrooms in oil 4 Kg
Mixed wild mushrooms 4 Kg.
Selected mixed wild mushrooms in sunflower oil seasoned with parsley, garlic, herbs and salt. Excellent dressing for red meats.
Artichoke wedges in oil 4 Kg.
Artichoke wedges, seasoned with vinegar, parsley, garlic and chili pepper and preserved in sunflower oil.
Dried tomatoes in oil 4 Kg.
Tomatoes cut half dried in the sun according to the tradition and seasoned with sunflower oil, vinegar, basil, oregano, red pepper and garlic.
Eggplants fillets in oil 4 Kg.
Eggplant fillets in olive oil have a sweet, delicate flavor enhanced by herbs and Mediterranean spices. Ideal for starters appetizers or for a tasty side dish.
Giardiniera in vinegar 4 Kg.
Tasty pickled vegetables in vinegar, obtained with the use of mixed vegetable cut into large pieces.
Pickled salad 4 Kg.
Tasty mixed vegetables salad seasoned with vinegar.
Tomato Extract 5 Kg.
Triple tomato concentrate. Ideal to give taste and color to sauces and main courses.
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